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LTGL supports companies in the (vegan) food industry by developing recipes and managing Social Media channels. We can combine this with food photography, food videography and food styling for an even better presentation of the products, online and offline. When developing the tastiest plant-based dishes, we take into account every wish: trends within the vegan food landscape, ingredient use, nutritional value, allergen information and preparation method. LTGL is a leader in commercial food photography as well as food marketing.


Recipe creation 

With great pleasure, passion and over five years of work experience in the food industry, we develop recipes every day: beautiful and surprising dishes, tailored to the wishes of our partners. We take into account the latest trends, ingredients, preparation method, preparation time, use of materials, nutritional values, allergens and originality. In principle, anything is possible and our team likes a challenge. LTGL loves creating new trends and is ahead of developments in the market.

Food styling

In order to create the best image, we have the necessary knowledge and experience about the use of materials and products, as well as the needed preparation. This way we know exactly what works on set and what doesn't work. Ingredients can be capricious in character and have their own instructions for use. For example, how do you ensure that the avocado doesn't turn brown, the coriander does not wither and/or ice cream doesn't melt? This requires experience and know-how, resulting in the perfect image. The right setting is the foundation for success. We often work from our studio in Hoofddorp, but of course on-location photography is also an option.

Food Photography

We are specialized in photographing and portraying ingredients, products and dishes. We do this for various partners, including producers, restaurants, wholesalers, media and advertising agencies. We do not only look at what is on the plate, but we create a total concept in which the house style of our partners is leading. We develop a total concept in which the use of materials, use of color and environment are taken into account. The end result is a tailor-made concept that is right from front to back and in which the dish is displayed as tasty as possible.

Social media

Social Media is your online business card. Making a good first impression is not only important, but we see it as necessary. Qualitative photography or videography in combination with a unique recipe and good copy is a must. This can be brought to the attention of the desired target group in various ways. What we offer includes:

- Setting up and managing Social Media accounts
- Develop, create and placing posts for Facebook, Pinterest and/or Instagram
- Hashtag optimization



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About US

A passion for photography and food has always been there. The combination of these two developed when we started the Living the Green Life platform. From that moment on things went fast. In four years we launched five cookbooks, most of which we photographed ourselves.

In recent years we have done assignments for various major brands and start-ups, including:
The Vegetarian Butcher, Becel, Maza, Rude Health, Fermentino, Dr. Oetker, Koopmans, Frecious, So Vegan So Fine and our recipes have been featured in magazines such as ELLE Eten, Foodie, Culinaire Ambiance and Flair.

We work from our cooking study in Hoofddorp and are available on location for styled food photography, product photography and restaurant photography.



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